Bulletin: 27 October 2013

Bulletin: 27 October 2013

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30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

Sunday 27th October 2013


   Charity Number: SCO11041

The month of November is traditionally dedicated to praying for the Holy Souls, remembering in a special way those dear family members and friends who have passed away. As a parish community we will celebrate a Mass of Remembrance for our parishioners who have died over the course of this past year. This Mass will take place on Sunday 10th November at 12noon, with a special invitation extended to relatives and friends of the deceased. Please offer your prayers for the eternal repose of our brothers and sisters whose names are listed below. Please also alert the clergy to any omissions or errors in names or dates. Requiescant in pace!

†Agnes Atkinson            20/12/12                       †Ronald Boyle                  08/05/13

†Hugh Brogan               18/02/13                        †Harry Brown                   16/12/12

†Annette Cairns             30/08/13                        †Samuel J. Caruthers      30/12/12

†May Clark                     23/02/13                        †Rina Cowan                     24/02/13

†May Davidson              13/04/13                        †Catherine Fraser           20/08/13

†John Harris                    29/05/13                        †Mary Harty                     07/05/13

†Theresa Harvey            18/01/13                        †Stephen S. Heffernan   14/06/13

†Anthony Herlihy          25/04/13                        †Elizabeth Inverarity        27/12/12

†Joan Johnston              30/01/13                        †John Johnston                 10/02/13

†Mary Johnstone            26/02/13                        †John Kearney                  20/06/13

†Catherine King             24/07/13                        †Elizabeth Logue              11/05/13

†Catherine Mallon          23/09/13                        †Norrie Malloy                 01/05/13

†James McAllister          06/09/13                        †Nicol McCracken             29/11/12

†Elizabeth McGilliard     26/05/13                        †Andrew McGivern          20/08/13

†Ellen McMonagle         14/01/13                        †Thomas Meechan          16/09/13

†James Moran                26/05/13                        †Elizabeth Murray            27/05/13

†William Richardson      20/09/13                        †Josie Rooney                  13/01/13

†John Paul Stevenson     29/07/13                       †George Szumbara         25/04/13

†Mary Theresa Watt       27/12/12                        †Charles Muirhead         09/07/12

†Margaret Devlin            10/11/12


2 Nov: Bag-packing at Tesco Faraday – The arrangements are going well. Volunteers will be contacted shortly to confirm their slots for the day. There is still time for further volunteers to join us. Names can be added to the list at the back of the Church this weekend.

29 Nov: Parish Social – Our Parish Social will take the form of a dance. The night features the band ‘Freeway’ and is priced at £10. This is an over-18 event. Tickets are on sale after Masses.

8 Dec – Christmas Fayre Among the attractions on offer will be craft stalls, Santa’s Grotto, Face Painting, Tombola, Mulled Wine & Mince Pies and much more. This is being organized with the help of our CARITAS candidates and promises to be a lovely day.

*Donations for the Fayre Tombola can be left in a box at the rear of the Church, while anyone wishing to offer a prize for raffle at the Parish Social can hand these into the Chapel House or leave with a pass-keeper.

Craft Club We are hoping to start a Craft Club in the Hall on Tuesday evenings 7pm till 8pm. Ideally, a stock of items can be made in time to fill a stall at our Christmas Fayre. An initial meeting of those interested in this venture will be held in the Hall this Tuesday 29th October at 7pm. Donations of craft items for this stall would also be greatly appreciated.


This Sunday is Boys’ Brunch and is brought to you by our 6 brave male volunteers. Please come along and support the gents as they cope with the heat of the kitchen!

JAR APPEAL: You can collect an empty jar (with label affixed) at the back of the Church. Please fill the jar with loose change and return to the Church. Meantime please leave any empty jars you have at home (with lids) in the box in the porch of the Church. We will provide labels to be affixed to jars.


Next weekend our parish will host a Sister from the Comboni Missionaries who will speak to us at all the Masses about the important work they undertake. The Second Collection will be taken-up for this cause.


Parishioners wishing to sign-up for the Gift-aid scheme are asked to go to the sacristy after Mass to fill-out a Gift-aid declaration. This allows the parish to reclaim an extra 25p on every £1 donated by a tax-payer.


As part of our fundraising for the Hall renovation parishioners will be given the opportunity to ‘sponsor a roof tile’. The cost of each tile is £10 which includes the gift of a limited edition parish mug. If you would like to support this project please tick-off one of the 400 tiles on the display poster in the Hall and simply collect your mug! The £10 cost of covering the tile and mug can be handed-in to the parish stall. St. Augustine’s pens are also available for purchase at £3 each.


Girls and boys aged 6 – 9 are invited to join a Gaelic Football Club which runs on Mondays between 5-6pm in the Time Capsule, Coatbridge. It begins on Monday 4th November and runs to Monday 2nd December. These sessions improve ‘physical literacy’; including running, balance, timing & team-work. Most of all it’s a chance to have fun and make friends! Sessions are FREE. Simply come along or e-mail gfcommunity@stir.ac.uk or call 07504703440 for information.


Please collect your November List this weekend from the Church porch and return to the Chapel House before 1st November. Names written on these lists will be remembered at all Masses during the Month for the Holy Souls. Lists will be placed near the tabernacle on the altar for the duration of November.


The Seeds of Hope group will be having a Table-Top sale in St Patrick’s Hall on Friday 1st November from 10.30 until 2pm. All money raised will go to projects in India, Malawi and Peru.


Charles Fawcett and the clergy of Mendulo wish to express their sincere thanks to all those who donated rosaries to their appeal. In total over 500 rosaries and 300 prayer cards were collected and distributed to disabled children and their families.


Old Monkland Parish Church will be holding an Autumn Fayre on Saturday 9th November, starting at 1pm with lots of different stalls, snacks and crafts on offer.


All Saints Day is an important Holy Day of Obligation on Fri. 1st November.

Masses will be celebrated: Thurs. 30th Oct (Vigil) at 7.30pm & Fri. 1st Nov 10am

All Souls Day will be celebrated at the usual time of 10am on Saturday 2nd Nov.

 To view this Bulletin in PDF format please click here.

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