A ‘Thank You’ from LEPRA

A ‘Thank You’ from LEPRA

*Recently, some of our young people took charge of a charity project as part of their practical preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. With the help of the parish community they managed to reach our target of £2012 for LEPRA, a charity dedicated to helping those living with leprosy. Below is a letter of thanks which we recieved recently from Ros Kerry, who highlights some of the important work which LEPRA will be able to undertake thanks to the people of St. Augustine’s.

Dear Canon Foley,

On behalf of LEPRA my heartfelt thanks for the outstanding and generous donation of £2012.00 from the good people of St Augustine’s and also once again my thanks to you for supporting LEPRA in your parish. It never ceases to amaze me just how generous people are, especially when you consider how much is asked of parishes and the challenging times that we live in. LEPRA always receives terrific support from the parish.They are good people and so warm and welcoming to LEPRA. It is wonderful to think that the generosity of good people from our parishes makes this vital work with leprosy patients possible. In the times we live in there are so many distressing situations that seem so far beyond our control and that makes it feel even more of a blessing that leprosy is curable and that with help LEPRA can do so much to improve the lives and futures of entire families and the communities that they live in. In the coming year the generosity of the good people of St Augustine’s, through LEPRA , will reach out and care for 80 people who have leprosy. It is hard for us to imagine just what it will mean to the individual, they may be reunited with family, re-enter their community, have use of limbs or sight restored but whatever it does mean to them, I feel it is a privilege for us all to have played our part. With renewed thanks to you and the good people of the Parish and until we meet again in support of LEPRA, I keep you all in my prayers.

Yours sincerely

With all good wishes

Rosalind Kerry For LEPRA.

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