In 1974 a Community of De La Salle brothers was established and has engaged in a great variety of pastoral activities in keeping with the Institute’s aims and history. These activities have included Social Works, Youth initiatives and Missions for Secondary Schools, Vocations Promotion, Adult Education, Retreats and Prayer Groups, Justice and Peace Groups, Special Needs education. The last of the Brothers left the Coatbridge House in 2014.

In 1997 the Convent of Our Lady of the Missions was established within the confines of the parish in keeping with relatively recent pastoral initiatives to allow the diocese to draw on the experience of religious orders in a whole range of pastoral initiatives. These have proved particularly effective in catechetical and liturgical preparation of children for the sacraments, RCIA Programmes, and the pastoral care of the sick.

The Rev. Frank Scally, himself a parishioner of St. Augustine’s, was ordained Deacon on 4 November 1999 and served in this capacity for a period of three years. His death on 16 August 2002 after a relatively short ministry deprived the parish of a dedicated and gifted member of the Pastoral Team.

Father Michael Kane is the Parish Priest, and is assisted by Father James Travers (curate) and Sister Eileen Hobbins (Pastoral Assistant). Parish Priest Emeritus Canon Foley lived in retirement in St. Augustine’s Presbytery before his death in September 2015.