Cari Amici,

The next meeting of the Italian Club will be held on Friday 27th April, at 7.30 pm, in St. Augustine’s Church Hall. We hope to start the programme, hosted by Group 3, at 8.00 pm sharp.

If you intend to be present please phone at least 2 days before the meeting, (Rita/ Joseph Lamarra, Tel. 01236 767791). Could I urge everyone to contact Rita/ Joseph, as numbers are required for catering purposes, per cortesia. Would you also include the number of guests, if any, you intend to bring (£8.00 per guest, payable to Rita).

Perhaps we could spend a few moments on Friday discussing arrangements for our Spaghettata Evening on Friday, 8th June. Any proposals or offers of musical entertainment for the serata would be most welcome.

A venerdì il 27 maggio.